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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

Oct 22, 2018

Today’s guest is the epitome of elegance. Just take one look at her Instagram account. Kelly Rutherford has been impressing our with her acting skills for year. From Generations to Melrose Place, Homefront, and Scream 3, Kelly immediately impressed audiences with her range and her beauty. Then, with her mastery of the role of Lily Van Woodsen on Gossip Girl, an icon was born. But it’s Kelly’s grace in times of conflict that makes her an ideal guest for The Elegant Warrior. She handled a high profile, intense custody battle in the public eye with elegance, grace and positivity. Now she is an activist for women, the environment, and, yes, love. Soon you’ll be able to catch Kelly in a Hallmark movie, as a featured guest on Dynasty and in the much anticipated Pretty Little Liars: The Imperfectionists. We talk elegance, love and the choice to opt for peace in this compelling episode of The Elegant Warrior. Connect with Kelly at
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