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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

Aug 28, 2023

I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Gladys McGarey today. Dr. Gladys McGarey is a 102-year-old doctor and author of The Well Lived Life: Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age. In this episode, she shares how to be truly alive, the importance of your true nature and how to spend your energy wisely.

Dr. Gladys McGarey is no ordinary centenarian. A true trailblazer, she is recognized as a founding diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Her influence has been felt across the medical landscape as the co-founder and past president of the American Holistic Medical Association. Her commitment to bridging the gap between conventional and holistic approaches is truly inspiring.

In this incredibly insightful episode, we're reminded that age is truly just a number when it comes to a passionate pursuit of knowledge and healing. Dr. Gladys McGarey's legacy continues to remind us of the immense potential that lies within the field of holistic medicine.

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