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How to Advocate with Heather Hansen

Nov 1, 2021

On today’s episode of The Elegant Warrior podcast, I invite special guest author and researcher Courtney Ackerman on to the show to talk about her new book, ‘The Book of Patience’. Courtney has compiled 250 tips, tricks and thought-provoking ideas to help us to become more patient, which is something that is so relevant and necessary as we all wait for COVID-19 restrictions to stop dominating our lives. 

I love her book as her advice is so intuitive and it’s the kind of book that encourages you to flick through it over and over again. Courtney’s approach is to give different kinds of advice and to illustrate her point in several ways so that you can find the parts that resonate with you the most. She emphasizes that patience is a choice that we have to make - perhaps we can’t change the situation that we’re in, but we can work on our mindset to change how we feel about it. When we apply this technique, our patience will grow over time, like a muscle. 

Listen in to find out how to embrace the downtime and how practicing the art of patience will help you to reconnect with the world around you and feel like you’re a small part of a whole. Once you make room for patience in your life, you’d be surprised what other positive changes come along too! 

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The Book of Patience

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