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How to Advocate with Heather Hansen

May 16, 2022

On today’s episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Matt Hulett, author of Unlock: 5 Questions to Unleash Your Company's Hidden Power.

Matt is a seasoned technology executive leading world class public and private companies and working closely with Boards and investors in organizations that include Rosetta Stone, RealNetworks, Expedia and many more. While his book is written for those seeking success with their business, much of what he shares can be beneficial for everyone. 

Some of the points we discuss from the book are how we can become comfortable and confident in the skills we offer to others. Matt shares how he came to appreciate the role timing plays in business, and why we should be honest as to whether we need to walk away from certain ideas. The book also touches on the significance of communicating with your team and celebrating their potential, a concept Matt finds especially valuable in today’s digital world.

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