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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

Sep 7, 2020

How many of your life plans have changed this year? If you’re like most of my clients and listeners, the answer is a lot. We are all experiencing so much uncertainty right now in work, in school, in the unknown of the future, and in caring and providing for our families and ourselves. And while the world outside of you may feel incredibly uncertain and out of control, I want you to know that you still have so much that you can be certain of. Today, I want to show you how you can find certainty inside yourself, prepare your body and your mind for uncertainty, and make the choices that will lead you to feel certainty within yourself in any circumstance. My upcoming 10-week advocacy course will help you become more certain within yourself than ever before and I would love for you to sign up today.


Today we discuss —

Finding certainty in yourself

  • In times of uncertainty, you can be certain of yourself, your resilience, and your ability to deal with change.
  • Increased self-awareness will allow you to see beyond chaos.
  • You can be certain in making the choices that will best serve you, your family, and your bank account.
  • You can be certain in your preparation for your current circumstances.


Preparing your body and mind for uncertainty

  • Even when you don’t know where you will be, you can still be certain of who you will be.
  • A mindfulness practice, such as yoga or meditation, will help you be better prepared for whatever comes at you.
  • Creating a daily routine will give you a greater sense of control regardless of external circumstances.
  • Identify the choices that you can be certain in, know your reasons for making those choices, and then stop worrying about them.
  • Choose the thoughts that best serve your actions and your abilities.


Finding certainty beyond reasonable doubt

  • You can be certain that you are resilient.
  • You can be certain that you can rely on yourself and your ability to handle almost anything.
  • Rely on the evidence that proves you have been able to handle difficult circumstances in the past.
  • You can be certain in your ability to make the choices that will serve you best.
  • You can be certain in your preparation for each day.
  • You can be certain in your self-awareness and its ability to positively influence your life.


What are you certain of?

  • Ask yourself what you can be certain of in a time of uncertainty.
  • In hard times, go back to the things you know you can be certain of.
  • Your body, your mind, and your life are certain  — embrace that certainty.


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