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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

Jun 27, 2022

On this episode of The Elegant Warrior Podcast, I have the pleasure of chatting with fellow book enthusiast Zibby Owens. Zibby is an author, podcaster, publisher, CEO, and mother of four. Zibby founded Zibby Owens Media, a privately-held media company designed to help busy people live their best lives by connecting to books and each other. Join us as we talk about her love of reading, her new book, and book therapy. 

Zibby tells me about how she became a writer and the huge effort that it took to get her latest book published, which is the story of her life as seen through the books she was reading at the time. She reveals why she doesn’t like rereading books and gives tips on how to make more time in your life for reading, even if you’re a busy mom. 

This episode is a must-listen for all bookworms and wannabe bookworms. If you enjoyed it, please follow or subscribe to The Elegant Warrior Podcast.

Topics Discussed:

  • [0:07] I introduce Zibby onto the show and talk about her dazzling career
  • [2:56] Where does Zibby get her drive from? 
  • [4:15] “Books, for me, are the throughline:” Zibby on her passion for reading
  • [5:56] How Zibby started writing and got her most recent book published
  • [10:08] You just have to keep going! Why Zibby knew this book would make it
  • [12:17] Zibby’s booklist
  • [13:03] Book therapy with Zibby: How do you make time for reading? 
  • [16:03] Why Zibby doesn’t like rereading books
  • [17:52] How Zibby stays on top of her reading
  • [19:36] Passion and consistency: They make a difference!
  • [20:36] The story behind Zibby’s publishing company
  • [23:52] 22 in 2022: Zibby’s book challenge
  • [26:08] What Zibby wants you to take from Bookends


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