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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

Aug 21, 2023

In this episode of The Elegant Warrior podcast, we're diving into the importance of standing up for yourself and unlocking your fullest potential. I've learned from my experience as a trial attorney that standing up for yourself goes beyond just avoiding being taken advantage of - it's about asking for what you want in a way that gets results.

I share a story from my early career where I stood up for someone in a tense mediation situation. This experience taught me the power of taking up space in a room and advocating for my own wants and needs.

Standing up for ourselves doesn't mean we are disconnected from others, in fact, it allows us to share our boundaries, our dreams, and our potential. It helps us to navigate challenging conversations more effectively and move forward in our journeys, towards the path of fulfilling our dreams and accessing our limitless potential.


Key Takeaways:

·        Discover the profound impact that standing up for oneself has on personal and career trajectory.

·        Gain insightful methods on eloquently expressing your needs and desires for more productive interactions.

·        Understand the potential drawbacks of avoiding difficult discussions and how they can impede progress.

·        Delve deep into the transformative power of self-assertion in reaching peak performance.

·        Learn the secrets of successful negotiation for better outcomes in challenging conversations.



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