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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

May 1, 2023

f you are marketing your business, your product, or even yourself for an opportunity, how can you earn the trust of your audience? The award-winning branded content creator and author Melanie Deziel shares how you can provide the proof needed to build trust.



  • How to take the journalist approach of “show, don’t tell”, and apply it to marketing
  • How to decide what’s relevant when providing proof
  • Why we as consumers tend to be more skeptical of subjective claims vs objective


Mel’s Book Recommendation: Everybody Writes, 2nd Edition by Ann Handley


To learn more about Mel Deziel, visit the links below:

Book, Prove It: Exactly How Modern Marketers Earn Trust, by Melanie Deziel & Phil Jones


LinkedIn, @MelanieDeziel

Instagram, @meldeziel 


About Melanie Deziel:

As a keynote speaker, author, and award-winning branded content creator, Melanie has spent her career developing the skills to think differently and discover new ways to engage audiences through content. She has developed and taught graduate-level content marketing courses for both Fairleigh Dickinson University and City University of New York, and frequently guest-lectures for the many universities that use her books as texts.

In addition to delivering keynotes, leading workshops, and coaching clients on organized creativity, Melanie is also the co-founder of both The Convoy and GroupUps, B2B marketplaces that help small businesses save money so they can invest more in themselves and their communities. She advises multiple other startups and also serves as a judge for several industry awards.


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