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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

Apr 4, 2022

Today, Julie Wilcox of Julie Wilcox Wellness, author of The Win-Win Diet: How to Be Plant-Based and Still Eat What You Love, joins us on the show to share some helpful insights on why quality food choices are essential for our overall health, how to choose a diet that you can stick to, and how food consumption and portioning correlates with self-discipline.

Julie Wilcox is an entrepreneur, author, and specialist in health and well-being. Julie is the founder and CEO of Julie Wilcox Wellness, a global wellness consulting firm. Her courses emphasize a comprehensive approach to healthy living. She has facilitated wellness initiatives for thousands of people in corporate, institutional, and non-profit settings.

Food has always been essential to our survival as a species. Our food preferences have developed in tandem with our methods of obtaining, preparing, and consuming it.

The quality of our food impacts the quality of our lives. Nobody can deny the concept behind the ubiquitous adage “Health is Wealth,” but what does that even imply to a consumer? 

Don’t miss out on this episode because it will change how you think about food intake and preparation.

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