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The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

Nov 29, 2021

It was a pleasure interviewing my guest Alisa Cohn today. Alisa has been nominated as the Top Startup Coach in the World by  Thinkers50/Marshall Goldsmith Global Coaches Awards in London, she’s worked with companies such as Venmo, DraftKings, and Etsy, and has coached CEOs and C-suite executives of Dell, Google, Microsoft and Calvin Klein. Around her guest lecturing schedule at Harvard and Cornell, she also writes articles that have appeared in publications such as Forbes, has had TV appearances on BBC World New and Bloomberg TV, and she’s a keen amateur rapper. 

Alisa and I sit down to discuss her new book ‘From Start-Up to Grown-Up’, which is her complete guide to achieve personal and professional success. The book is split into three sections, first talking about managing yourself, then talking about managing your team, and then managing your company. Her advice is relevant to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have started your own company, because as Alisa points out, we all have to learn to manage ourselves first, and we eventually build up towards managing others, whether that’s in our personal or professional lives. 

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